Conversation B level

mini group (4-6p), 9 lessons of 1.5 hours


(Books are not included)

For whom

This course is intended for students who have completed level B1 or are at level B2.



We will be using LINK+ B1>B2. This is a digital book, and you can choose between a 6-month or a 12-month license code. 



Before each lesson, students are asked to prepare themselves on a certain theme. They will read a text, do listening exercises, and complete vocabulary exercises related to the theme. In the lesson, we will discuss this theme. While speaking, the teacher will correct the students, so they will learn from their mistakes. If necessary, certain grammar will be reviewed.


What is special about this course

One of the highlights is the use of LINK+ B1>B2, a digital book that has separate modules for grammar and pronunciation. This means that if the teacher notices that you have difficulty with a particular grammar topic or sound, extra exercises can be provided specifically on those topics. These exercises can be done in the lesson, in case other students have the same issues, or as homework. 


With this personalised approach, you can expect to make rapid progress in your Dutch language learning journey!


Starting May 13:

  • B1+ Conversation – Thursdays, 20.30-22.00, 9 lessons of 1.5 hours, €200 (excl. books) 

If you want to speed up and make your program more intensive, you can add private lessons or group lessons B1