There are several reasons why someone would like to learn Dutch. Our students share their stories.

"I have followed both group and private classes with Willemijn. She knows how to adapt her teaching to the needs and skills of each student, and she is very encouraging and dedicated! Totally recommended for anyone who wants to learn Dutch in a fun and engaging way!" Nikos

"A very helpful (and reasonably priced) course in Rotterdam. Willemijn makes sure to answer all your questions (also individually) and does so in a very interactive way." Nicole

"The lessons in EnGaan are very informative and practical, also very fun. I also enjoy the conversation lessons where we learned new vocabulary in different topics chosen by the learners.

I also had a couple private lessons with Willemijn for specific topics such as preparation for my job interview, which I assumed would be in Dutch. The interview later was done in English, but having that lesson gave me much more confidence." Mai

"Fantastic teachers they are super helpful and funny. The lessons are very dinamic. After finishing level A2 my dutch has definitely improved. Super recommend!!" Elena

"To learn Dutch has never been so fun. In a "gezellig" atmosphere you learn, you understand more and the main thing - you don't want to quit and you believe that one day you actually will speak Dutch! Great experience! Recommended." Sol

"After trying a couple of school in Rotterdam, I finally found a nice and practical Dutch school. The way of teaching with the exercise of daily routine has improved my Dutch a lot!

As the last thing, the curses are really accessible with the price!" Felipe

"I have had classes both with Willemijn and Egon and I have really enjoyed them. They introduced me to the Dutch language in the best possible way, as they are really friendly and supportive and the classes are well structured. I'm now taking a break due to personal reasons, but I'll definitely go back, to complete my studies. I recommend this school to those wanting to start learning the language at an affordable price." Maria

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Your name and where you're from?
I am Judith Sedeño and I come from Barcelona, Spain.

What brought you to Rotterdam?
Love brought me to this wonderful city, as my boyfriend is from Rotterdam and we settle here some months ago.


What is the reason you are following Dutch lessons?

I think to learn the language of the country where you live is one of the best ways to integrate in the new country!

How did this Dutch language course changed your daily life?
After doing the first course with EnGaan I am able to speak about daily subjects that were very diffecult before. It gave me the tools to start speaking and asking in my daily life!

Your favourite Dutch word.
My favourite Dutch word is poffertje. Why? Because I love to eat them and I think is a lovely long word for such a small piece of food.

Your name and where you're from?

Solveiga. I come from a beautiful country – Latvia.


What brought you to Rotterdam?

It all started 5 years ago when I first came to Rotterdam because of an EVS (European Voluntary Service) project for 6 months. It took me 3 hours and I was in love with this city. The Dutch culture amazed me and I just didn’t feel like leaving this country yet. It is my second home now..


What is reason you are following Dutch lessons?

Despite I have been here on and off for 5 years, I have always been surrounded by English language. My studies are in English. In my job I have to speak English and overall everyone speaks here good English, so it doesn’t really push you to learn to speak Dutch.


How did this Dutch language course changed your daily life?

This Dutch course did push me to speak Dutch. It gave me a deeper understanding of the grammar and so it gave more clarity on how to build sentences. It have helped me in daily situations when a person spoke no English and I was surprised how much I can understand and that I actually can reply! Learning a language is like an addictive game. More you learn, more you understand the further you want to go - till the finish line.


Your favourite Dutch word.

Gezellig – sounds so terrible but means such a nice thing.