Are you here to study, to find a job or did you fall in love with a Dutch person? Then you are in the right place if you want to learn Dutch! 


EnGaan is a language school that offers affordable Dutch language classes ONLINE and Face-to-Face. 


Speaking the Dutch is essential if you want to become a part of society and increase you chances to find a job. We noticed that many international people around here would like to learn Dutch, but find it hard to do so. They don’t have the chance to practice because people reply in English, language courses are too expensive and self study fails due to a lack of motivation.


EnGaan language school changes that by offering:


✅ affordable Dutch language courses

✅ online and Face-to-Face

✅ focus on practicing the use of Dutch in daily life

✅ small study groups

✅ personalised approach

✅ experienced teachers.


Learn Dutch at EnGaan and open up a world of new opportunities. Sign up!