Dutch Language Courses Online

(4-6 students) 9 lessons of 1.5 hours


(Books are not included)


We offer online mini group courses, private lessons and incompany trainings from level A1 to B2. 



New courses March 27:


A1.1 Tue & Thu 20.30-22.00, 9 lessons, €200* (for beginners)

A1.2 Tue & Thu 18.45-20.15, 9 lessons, €200* 

A2.1 Tue & Thu 20.30-22.00, 9 lessons, €200* 


In A1 courses you will learn the basics – introducing yourself, shopping, making an appointment, etc., in the present tense. In A2 level, you will start learning the past tense.


Ongoing courses that you can still apply to:

 (you won't have to pay for lessons that you've missed before you joined the course)


B1.1 Thursdays, 18.45-20.15, 14 lessons, €310*

B1.2 Mondays, 20.30-22.00, 14 lessons, €310* 

B2.1 Tuesdays, 20.30-22.00, 14 lessons, €310* 

B2.2 Mondays, 20.30-22.00, 14 lessons, €310* 



(*Books are not included)


Don't know which level suites you the best? Get in touch with us and we can do a small test - info@engaan.nl