Where & When


New courses will start again from September 2:

A1.1: Monday and Wednesday 18.45-20.15

A1.2: Monday and Wednesday 20.30-22.00

A2.1: Tuesday and Thursday 18.45-20.15 

A2.2: Monday and Wednesday 18.45-20.15

B1.1: Thursday 20.30-22.00

B1.1 minigroup: Thursday 20.30-22.00

B1.2: Tuesday 18.45-20.15

B1.2 minigroup: Thursday 18.45-20.15

B2: Thursday 18.45-20.15 (starting October 3)

Refresh & Conversation A2: Monday and Wednesday 20.30-22.00

Conversation B1: 20.30-22.00

Dutch for Business: Tuesday 20.30-22.00



Please contact us to find out what the options are for private lessons.


We have two training locations in Rotterdam Delfshaven. The first is located in the heart of the historical part on Voorhaven 1-bn. The second in De Kroon, Schiemond 20-22 (www.dekroonrotterdam.nl)