Mini group course B1 or B2

online or face to face (4-6 students) 15 lessons of 1.5 hours


(Books are not included)


During the Dutch lessons we work on grammar and all the skills you need to develop. We speak, read, write and listen, all with the aim to make you learn Dutch and use it outside the classroom.  We pay extra attention to conversational skills, pronunciation and how to use Dutch in daily life.


The lessons are one evening per week.


Started in the week of January 11 (you can still join):
B1.1 Wed 19.30-21.00 online
B1.2 Mon 18.45-20.15 online (14 lessons, €280)
B2.1 Thu 20.30-22.00 online (14 lessons, €280)

Start on April 1
B1.1 Thu 18.45-20.15 online (14 lessons, €280)